Convened by the Climate Group

September 21 – 27, 2020


The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way in which the world operates – at a personal, business, governmental, and inter-governmental level. As the focus shifts to how we rebuild, Climate Week NYC 2020 will explore what lessons we can learn in our pursuit of a net-zero future that embraces a just transition and leaves no one behind.

We must rebuild the global economy for us all – people and planet – as we begin to recover. And we must halve global emissions by the end of this decade.

COP26 has been postponed and the upcoming U.S. election will determine the approach of the world’s largest economy to climate change for the next four years and beyond. This is our opportunity to put people at the heart of climate action.

With this, Climate Week NYC has never been more important and our “For New York, For The World” approach has never been more timely. We must have crucial conversations and do the hard work now to shape the coming years, even if much of it cannot be in person. As one of the few international climate events now taking place this year, hosted in association with the United Nations and the City of New York, all eyes will be on Climate Week NYC as we step up to the challenge to build a better future.

What Climate Week NYC will focus on this year
Governments and businesses across the world have shown they have the power, flexibility and speed to deal with a global crisis. What are the lessons for how we tackle climate change? How can global rescue packages tackle unemployment and deliver green growth? How do we not lose precious years in tackling climate change, but rebuild with just transition at the forefront?

As the first year of the climate decade draws to an end, Climate Week NYC, taking place September 21-27, will be the major opportunity in 2020 for those with the power to halve emissions by 2030 to showcase amazing climate action and find ways to do more.

How Climate Week NYC will operate this year
To accommodate the challenges of hosting an international summit during unprecedented times, The Climate Group will host all its events on a digital platform that will incorporate live broadcast, interactive sessions, networking areas and meeting space. As plans develop throughout the year, the full program of both digital and, if safe, physical events will be confirmed. This includes continuing our work to support the hundreds of events that take place across the five boroughs of New York City as part of the official Climate Week NYC events program.

Climate Week NYC Opening Ceremony
The Climate Week NYC Opening Ceremony, taking place Monday, September 21, brings together leading figures from business and government to showcase amazing climate action and find ways to do more. To accommodate the unique circumstances that we find ourselves in this year, we will broadcast the Climate Week NYC Opening Ceremony through an interactive digital platform where decision-makers can meet, collaborate, negotiate and inspire each other as they would normally do in person. The Opening Ceremony will also be broadcast on an open platform on-demand so that everyone, wherever they are in the world, will be able to take part of the biggest Climate Week on earth.

Details for how to access the Climate Week NYC Opening Ceremony will be published on this page later this year.

The Hub Live at Climate Week NYC
Now in its third year, Climate Week NYC will host The Hub Live – a series of events, discussions and workshops that bring together the expertise, influence, and ambition of business and government leadership.

We will broadcast The Hub Live through an interactive digital platform where those with the power and opportunity to build a better future can meet, collaborate, negotiate and inspire each other as they would normally do in person. The Hub Live events will also be broadcast on an open platform on-demand so that everyone, wherever they are in the world, will be able to be part of the biggest Climate Week on earth.

View The Hub Live agenda here.

Details for how to access The Hub Live will be published on this page later this year. Request to attend The Hub Live.

Events Program
In 2019, there were over 350 official Climate Week NYC events. Businesses, community groups, artists, non-profits and educational institutes are all invited to register their events to become part of the official program.

In 2020 our program will be split into ten thematic areas to allow participants to search for events:

  1. Clean Energy Transition
  2. Transport and Infrastructure
  3. Industry and Built Environment
  4. Finance, Investment and Jobs
  5. Food and Land Use
  6. Nature and Science
  7. US and International Policy
  8. Youth, Public Mobilization and Justice
  9. Sustainable Travel and Tourism
  10. Climate Impacts and Adaptation

More details on programs will be available shortly.

The Climate Week NYC official events program will comprise of both physical events in New York City as well as digital events from around the world. The full program will be published later this Summer and updated weekly. Register your event here.