Session 8: Engaging Global South Knowledge Creation and Practices as Forms of Resistance

Critical literature calls us to pay attention to the process of “ignorance of other forms of knowledge” as a form of a privilege afforded to some, but not to the majority of those who live in the Global South. These circumstances are presented when extensive knowledge creation across different spaces of the Global South is still not adequately acknowledged and included within the canon of education, training, practice, and knowledge production. It is accepted that globalization affects these spaces differently, a situation that has become more evident with Covid 19 sharing (or not) of resources, including vaccinations. There are many examples from the Global South that medical, community engagement, social movements, intersectionality, indigenous resurgence and other forms of resistance have been ignored, both formally and informally.

This session welcomes views from practitioners in any social area of practice, activists, researchers, academics or members of social movements located in the Global South space or strongly connected to it. We particularly welcome contributions that introduce “other forms of knowledge” based on  “Ubuntu,” “BuenVivir,” decoloniality of knowledge, and different decolonizing processes, among others. Contributions  may provide examples of how to delink from Euro-North American centric worldviews and their “coloniality matrix of power.” Together, we want to understand the Global South “from within” and discuss people’s everyday living experiences with globalization.

Session organizers: Henry Parada, RyersonUniversity (Toronto, Canada), hparada@ryerson.ca  & Kevin Cruz, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras (Honduras), iisdiplomado@gmail.com

This session is part of “Reimagining Our Worlds from Below: Transnational Conversations on Resistance, Movements and Transformations – A Free Virtual SSSP Global Outreach Conference,” May 18-21, 2022, organized by the Society for the Study of Social Problems and co-hosted by the EJ/CJ digital hub of the Orfalea Center for Global and International Studies at UCSB (USA). Please send your proposal for an individual contribution to the corresponding session organizer(s) by March 20, 2022. Your response to the call for a themed session should entail a title plus an abstract of 250 to 350 words. Please add a brief biographical note.