Radical Climate Justice for the Global Commons

A Nearly Carbon Neutral Conference

Live from October 4-25, 2021

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In 2021 we find ourselves facing a decade at the climate crossroads.

Science has determined that the world has until 2030 to cut CO2 emissions in half, but the UN climate talks and the governments themselves offer no hope of hitting that mark.

In this context, climate movements must radicalize and grow much more effective, quickly, lest the world cross over critical tipping points, with runaway warming destroying our global commons of the atmosphere and other critical ecosystems, putting all life on the planet in jeopardy.

What forms can and should the radicalization of climate movements for the global commons take?

Complicating matters further, radical climate justice for the global commons must contend with the fact that the climate crisis is connected to and exponentially worsens the intersecting crises of pandemic, capitalist globalization, political polarization or apathy (the “democracy deficit”), cultures of violence (including white and various other extremist and racist nationalisms, over-policing and militarized foreign polices), and the glaring racial divide revealed by the George Floyd rising and the upsurge of Black Lives Matter in the United States, with variations on all of these themes around the world.

By listening to each other with care and holding spaces for generative conversation, ever-more effective actions, and visionary social movements, can we radicalize the climate justice movement to figure out what will work under these circumstances?

Can we lift up and share the pluriverse of alternatives that now exist in service of strengthening, supporting, and connecting each other for the actions we must discover and take in the 2020s our common decade at the climate crossroads?

Have our movements, including those oriented around the various visions of climate justice, become big enough, broad enough, intersectional enough, and urgent enough to slow down humanity’s accelerating appointments with the disasters that are coming?

We welcome your proposals, analyses, visions, and practices in hopes of radicalizing climate justice for the global commons we seek to co-create.  Let us be bold, creative, and brave – and come together in October 2021 to see how much of this we can do!


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