RCJGC Panel 6

Learning on Climate Justice for the Global Commons with Fishing and Tribal Communities in India

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Panelists: Rajni Bakshi, Author, Journalist & Founder of ‘Ahimsa Conversations’ ; Mayalmit Lepcha, Affected Citizens of Teesta & President of Sikkim Indigenous Lepcha Tribal AssociationKumaribai Jamkata, member of Mahagramsabha & facilitates women’s collectives in GadchiroliAnil Tharayath Varghese, Delhi Forum; Jesu Rethinam Director, SNEHA & Advisor, National Fishworkers Forum

Organisers (Initiative for Climate Action): Namrata Kabra, Setting the context; Vedita Agarwal, Moderator; Abhayraj Naik, Concluding remarks