RCJCG Panel 9

The Future(s) of Eco Vista

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Noa Cykman, April Zhang, Kris Daum, Elisa Privitera (Lizzy), and John Foran, UC Santa Barbara

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  1. David Jones
    David Jones says:

    I’ll just contribute some things we are working on at a community level here (Missoula Mt.) in terms of planning. One is a permanent safe-space for those living rough, a space with running water and toilets, raised pads for tents, public transport and security. Another is a 100% electricity plan to move all city services off fossil fuels. We are also intervening in the building code process to replace natural gas (methane) infrastructure with electricity. Longer term we hope to municipalize our local investor owned utility so all that electricity can come from renewable sources. The housing crisis is a very tough one but we are starting with a renters union. Also, Cooperation Humbolt has been modeling some innovative solutions.

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