Reimagining Our Worlds from Below: Panel 3



Developing Feminist Leadership and Research on Movements and Indigenous Communities in the Global South

May 19, 1-2:30p UTC

The Global South offers a rich context for understanding feminist leadership and feminist research, especially in/on social movements and indigenous communities.  Yet this area is underexplored and undertheorized, therefore contributing to the invisibility of Third World women both in scholarship and in the politics of change and social revolution.

This session explores this area from the experience and perspectives of women and indigenous communities in the Global South.  How do women in the Global South deal with issues of gender in movement leadership? What issues and problems do women encounter in creating and leading movement organizations in the context of state authoritarianism that is often patriarchal?  How do they collectively deal with these issues? What insights do they offer about conceptualizing and doing feminist leadership and feminist research?

Session organizers: Ligaya Lindio McGovern, Indiana University (USA) and Morena Tartari, University of Southampton (UK)

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“Agenda for Feminist Research for Contesting Neoliberal Regimes”

Ligaya McGovern, Indiana University Kokomo (USA)

Recording of Live Panel Discussion

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  1. Pattie
    Pattie says:

    Hi everyone! I am the 2021-22 Chair of SSSP’s Transnational Virtual Initiatives Committee, the group that organized this conference. I am excited that our conference is finally here and we have a chance to hear from people who care about social problems around the world.

    I wish you a good conference. I hope you will join us in this forum, just introducing yourself and sharing your thoughts, insights, questions and your own work. Welcome!

  2. Morena Tartari
    Morena Tartari says:

    Hi everyone. Welcome to the SSSP Reimagining 2022 Virtual Conference. I am Morena Tartari, one of the two organizers of this panel. Please, feel free to leave comments and questions for the presenters by using the tool below. We will collect your comments and questions and reply to them during the live discussion that will take place on May 19th, 1-2.30p UTC. Please, invite colleagues and friends to post comments and questions and to participate in the live discussion.

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