Reimagining Our Worlds from Below: Invited Conversation 1



Deconstructing and Reconstructing Belonging in the Context of Migration:

Critiquing Nordic Exceptionalism and Its Narratives of Deservingness

May 18, 3:45-4:45p UTC

Belonging is central to the social in human experience. Yet, the belonging of individual human beings is continuously questioned and tested in the context of migration. This is also the case in the Nordic countries. Although historically labelled as beacons of solidarity, known for opening their doors in response to forced migration, legislative measures across the Nordic region have become all the more stringent and exclusive over the past decade. In exploring how this exclusion problematises belonging, this invited conversations posits that there is a need for critiquing Nordic exceptionalism in any discussions on integration, assimilation, and belonging, for as long as belonging is contingent on deservingness, exclusion will remain the status quo.

Organizer and Discussant: Josephine T. V. Greenbrook, Chair of the Transnational Initiatives Committee

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“Trajectories of Belonging: Through the Greek Isles to Swedish Everyday Life”

Alexandra Bousiou, University of Gothenburg’s School of Global Studies (Sweden)

“Being and Becoming in Exile and the (Im)possibilities of Belonging

Mayssa Rekhis, MD, University of Gothenburg’s School of Public Health and Community Medicine (Sweden)

“Migration, Sex Work, and the Conditional Becoming of the Nordic Model”

Niina Vuolajärvi, London School of Economics’ European Institute (UK)

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