Reimagining Our Worlds from Below: Invited Conversation 3



Imperialisms, Capitalism, and War

This session was cancelled.

This is an open conversation on imperialisms, capitalism, and war.   As an open conversation anyone interested to participate can join the session. You do not need to pre-record and pre-load your ideas because it is meant to be a conversation.  You also do not need to have a paper to participate. Simply come to converse on the day the session is scheduled. The moderator/s will play the role of directing the conversation to the topic at hand.  

The theme, “Imperialisms, Global Capitalism, and War”, is important because it is currently playing in the war in Ukraine — US imperialism, UK imperialism, EU imperialism, Russian imperialism, Chinese imperialism.  But these kinds of imperialisms are tied to capitalism. (Russia is no longer a socialist country). The current game will continue:  Who will control the capitalist world system?  So, there is a competition among the imperialists. The result is chaos. This is a very serious question if we think of the developing nations, and for Ukraine as well although the media hardly touch on this issue. 

Ending the war in Ukraine is not going to stop imperialisms and war.  But can we begin thinking about a new world order where there are no empires, or emerging empires; where global expansion of capitalism is not the goal?   What are the principles that nation-states and regions can abide by to move towards this new world order?  What are the social structures needed to move towards this new world order?  What global movements are needed to move towards this new world order?  How the developing countries, including indigenous peoples in the Global North and Global South be brought in?

Organizers and Discussants: Ligaya Lindio McGovern, Office of Sustainability at Indiana University Kokomo, and Alan Spector, Purdue University Northwest

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