Reimagining Our Worlds from Below: Panel 8



Mentoring for Social Inclusion in Turbulent Times:

Political Engagements, Critical Consciousness, and Dynamics of Inequality in Programs

Live Zoom Discussion: May 21, 1-2:30p UTC (Passcode: 143932)

In recent years, mentoring for social inclusion has expanded rapidly as a much-vaunted form of social intervention around the globe. Related programs often facilitate social support by creating and guiding personal relationships between local volunteers and individuals from different target groups, e.g. immigrants, minorities, or marginalized youth.

Far from emerging in a political void, mentoring schemes have generated interest amongst policy makers and advocacy groups as a means to tackle social inequities or as flanking measures. Their proliferation often happens amid cutbacks in public spending and growing inequality. In some regions, mentoring schemes have become a core part of public programs to fight the negative effects of the pandemic.

Scholars, professionals and activists have highlighted the need to raise critical consciousness within the mentoring experience. This session invites a critical discussion on how programs need to move beyond the acknowledged indicators and explore the potential of mentoring for social change. Thus, the possibilities of mentoring as a tool for social transformation need to be explored, so as not to reproduce social inequalities. Contributions should reflect on mentoring approaches, training, activities, supervision, and assessment. This session invites members of advocacy groups, researchers, government agencies, mentoring organizations, donors, and funders, as well as bottom-up civic initiatives. Contributions from the Global South are particularly welcome.

Session organizers: Òscar Prieto Flores, University of Girona (Spain); Eberhard Raithelhuber, Bertha von Suttner Private University (Austria).

Click on the presentation name to link to abstract and presenter bio.

“Critical Autonomy, Social Capital and Mentoring Programmes for Children and Youth”

Òscar Prieto Flores, PhD, University of Girona (Spain)

“A Mentoring Program for Sexual Minority Men in Hong Kong: Does a Mentor’s Sexual Orientation Matter?”

Yu-Te Huang, PhD, University of Hongkong (Hongkong); Leo Zephyrus Chow, M.Phil, University of Hongkong (Hongkong); and Chi-Chung Lau, MPH, University of Toronto (Canada)

“School Based Mentoring for Rural Youth Development in the Indian Context”

Anuradha Kumar, Teach To Learn @ IIT Madras (India)

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  1. Pattie
    Pattie says:

    Hi everyone! I am the 2021-22 Chair of SSSP’s Transnational Virtual Initiatives Committee, the group that organized this conference. I am excited that our conference is finally here and we have a chance to hear from people who care about social problems around the world.

    I wish you a good conference. I hope you will join us in this forum, just introducing yourself and sharing your thoughts, insights, questions and your own work. Welcome!


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