Reimagining Our Worlds from Below: Panel 9



Single Parents: Challenges and Resistance

May 21, 3-4:30p UTC

The social problem of “single” (sometimes addressed as “lone”) parents has become more statistically visible at a global level and a further increase is forecasted for the next decades. Even if the sociodemographic profiles of single parents have changed during the last decades, single parenthood is still significantly gendered. Many studies indicate that the single parent status interferes with many trajectories of vital life domains (e.g., poverty, employment, and health) and the Covid-19 pandemic has affected heavily many dimensions of everyday life of these parents. Many difficulties are involved in creating and implementing adequate and evidence-based policies.

The organizer invites contributions, which highlight the everyday difficulties and forms of protest and resistance of these parents and the alternative and effective policies in preventing risks (e.g., the poverty risk) and facilitating the inclusion of single parents (e.g., in the labor market) in the global north and south. Furthermore, the session welcomes contributions, which aim to discuss the transnational dimensions of these parents’ difficulties (e.g., systemic inequalities), pathways for future research and other aspects about which the debate should remain open.

Session organizer: Morena Tartari, University of Southampton (UK)

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“From Mrs. to Ms. to Dr: Mothering Work and Talking Back

Rashmee Karnad-Jani, University of Toronto (Canada)

Recording of Live Panel Discussion

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  1. Pattie
    Pattie says:

    Hi everyone! I am the 2021-22 Chair of SSSP’s Transnational Virtual Initiatives Committee, the group that organized this conference. I am excited that our conference is finally here and we have a chance to hear from people who care about social problems around the world.

    I wish you a good conference. I hope you will join us in this forum, just introducing yourself and sharing your thoughts, insights, questions and your own work. Welcome!

    • Rashmee Karnad-Jani
      Rashmee Karnad-Jani says:

      Hello and thank you for organizing this session. A huge thank you for helping with the video as it is immensely difficult engaging virtually even given the demands of paid employment outside the academy.

  2. Morena Tartari
    Morena Tartari says:

    Hi everyone. Welcome to the SSSP Reimagining 2022 Virtual Conference. I am Morena Tartari, the organizer of this panel. Please, feel free to leave comments and questions for the presenters by using the tool below. We will collect your comments and questions and reply to them during the live discussion that will take place on May 21st, 3-4.30p UTC. Please, invite colleagues and friends to post comments and questions and to participate in the live discussion.

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